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This project has been in my mind for quite a while, knowing that it needs time and when I say time I mean TIME.  Another crucial factor is quantity: there`s really no point (and technically not even really possible) to prepare this for yourself or two of you,  “go large”  get your largest pot (actually I bought a 18L pot just for this) and bring your friends or family together.  The good news is that once everything is in the pot you can lay back, watch your favourite series or read your book,  even leave the flat for a couple of hours, but until then….

First off, Meats: lots of it, and  many different parts. Ohh yeah and i meant BEEF, BEEF and BEEF:  Marrowbones as fat and bones mean flavours.  Shortribs, then Topside, and finally some Sirloin.  Then we need some vegs: shallots, onions, ginger for aromatics and beansprouts, cilantro and spring onions, chillies (optional) for serving.  Finally the spices: cloves, cinnamon stick, staranise, fennelseeds, black cardamon, coriander seeds.  Ohh yes and some flat ricenoodles.

Lets start with the meats: put the marrowbones into the pot with enough cold water to cover it, and  boil it for 20 mins,  this will help to remove all the  dirt and impurities. While the bones are in the water you can start grilling the onions, shallots and ginger,  use open flame on stove, or a chef’s torch or alternatively the grill in your oven. Once charred remove the skin and set it aside. Back to the bones, take them out and remove all of the remaining brown, dirty tissue from the outside. Finally we need to aromatize the spices, place all of them into a pan and toast them then transfer them to a cheesecloth and prepare a small sachet.

Now we can place everything into the pot (apart from the sirloin) cover it with lots of cold water, and let it simmer literally as long as you can but for a minimum of 8-12 hrs – the longer the better,  I had mine on the stove top for 32 hrs

Pre-serving preps: an hour before serving place the sirloin into the freezer once let it get firm – this would make it easier to cut really thin slices, that is essential as we want it get cooked by the hot soup we’re going to pour over it.  Discard the bones and the spice sachet, take out the shortribs and the topside, thinly slice the sirloin, slice the topside and green onions, chop the cilantro, prepare the beansprouts,  cook the rice-noodles, and its time to assemble: divide all the ingredients between the bowls, and then pour the hot stock over them – the stock has to be piping hot as we want the sirloin to get cooked.  Finally sprinkle it with the green onions and cilantro and don’t forget those who like some fire: serve the chillies, and chilli pepper flakes in oil as a condiment.


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